Archaize Gold Bag Side Hangs A Mirror

Item No:MM220

Type:Antique Wall Mirror


Inner Mirror size:70*70cm


Material: 4mm silver mirror with 5mm bevel edge gold MDF back. 4 metal hangers.

Composition: 60% Mirror, 40% MDF

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Product Details

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                Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are an essential in almost every home if not every room in your home. At Exclusive Mirrors we are pleased to offer you an exciting range of stylish, elegant wall mirrors. Our wall mirrors are offered in a variety of colours and styles this gives you flexibility to select a mirror that not only suits your personal taste but will also blend effortlessly into your home. Wall mirrors are extremely popular as not only are they practical they offer a huge range of other benefits and can really enhance any room in your home. A wall mirror is a timeless look and one that will complement your home whilst remaining beautiful for many years.  At Exclusive Mirrors we are pleased to offer an extensive range of wall mirrors that will complement any home or business environment.  

Product details

1.Product name:

Antique Wall Mirror






4mm silver mirror with MDF back




Free existing sample for checking size and quality


1pc/polyfoam box, master carton



9.Sample lead time:

7-10 days

10.Production lead time:

35-40 days after receipt of approved invoice and deposit

11.FOB Port:

Lianyungang Port

12.Payment term:

30% deposit,70% T/T before shipment

13.Place of origin:

Anhui, China

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Product Packaging


Produce Process


The importance of mirrors in interior design

In the world of interior design and decoration, mirrors are considered very similar to works of art because they enhance the decoration of space in a unique way.Long mirrors, round mirrors, oversized mirrors and other types can be decorative items and can even be focal points in our interior decor.Mirrors are fairly simple and intuitive, but that doesn't mean anyone can be successful in decorating with them.It's easy to overdo it or fail to create the desired effect.

It's a good idea to use large mirrors and long mirrors in small, small rooms. This is a great way to create the illusion of a larger space and increase the depth of the room.In general, mirrors are meant to reflect light and open up space aesthetically and spatially.They are often used as a means of enhancing simple decor and adding charm to a variety of environments.

Such as:

1.Mirrors in the living room.Add a straight sofa or one or more mirrors with smooth curves or rounded shapes.

2.Add a large mirror to a small cabinet to create a chic vanity.

3.Let the mirror lean on the wall, suit the recreational visual effect of contemporary and contemporary environment.

Mirror packaging requirements

Because the mirror is fragile, in order to avoid damage in transit, the mirror's internal and external packaging is particularly important.What is the inner packing?Is the mirror into the carton when the carton internal packaging, and the outer packaging is the mirror after the carton external packaging.

After the production that defends bath mirror to finish in the bathroom, can be stuck above all a protective film, the word of quadrate mirror can be put around safe horn, in order to protect the safety of 4 side horn.Then it is at the bottom of the carton into foam and then put the mirror into the carton, and then put the foam around the mirror.Or use pearl cotton to protect the mirror.In addition to these inner packing.In order to better protect the safety of the mirror and packaging, the most common two kinds of packaging is the packaging belt and carton outside the wooden frame.The mirror that sends content alone commonly can hit a wood to wear.

And after the inner packing and outer packing, it is the question of transportation.The transportation is also optional, because of the vulnerability of the problem, so the general mirror will be sent to the logistics rather than express.Close to the direct use of vans or small vehicles for transport, large will use a direct use of a large truck for transport.