Wholesale 6x4Glass Photo Frame Mirror Factory

- Feb 29, 2020-

Wholesale 6x4'Glass Photo Frame Mirror Factory

Item No:MXX007

Type:Glass Photo Frame


Color: Silver

Composition: 100%Glass

For WHOLESALE, please contact us:sales03@ywmx.com.

For RETAIL,please search KOHROS in AMAZON.


Photo Frame

The most prized possessions in a home are often your photos because of the lasting memories they provide. It’s enjoyable to relive past family vacations and holidays or remember loved ones through photos. We love to display our favorite images around the house to bring a smile to our face and make the home more personal. Freeze time and display these great memories in a lovely picture frame or photo album that perfectly accents your home decor. 

Our Services

 At MAOXIIN we provide the following advantages to our customers:-

·         UNMATCHED QUALITY: - We provide the best in class quality products that are thoroughly checked by our quality experts.

 ·         SPECIAL OFFERS: - Depending upon the order quantity, we at MAOXIN provide our clients with special offers like Special discounts.

·         PHOTOGARAPHIC UPDATE: - We provide our clients with photographs of the products that are under production. Starting from the production till the time the container as been stuffed. We make sure the clients have all the information so that they are updated about the status of the order. It also helps in getting the approval from clients.

·         UNMATCHED PRICE: - At MAOXIN we make sure that our clients are offered the best and most competitive price.


1.Q. What should be done in case of arrival of a damaged container?

In such cases, depending on the situation and the reasons for damage, appropriate steps will be taken. However if any kind of manufacturing defect is found or any damage is caused due to deficient packaging will be covered.

2.Q. How long will it take to get my container?

Most of the containers are shipped within 4 to 6 weeks after we have received the order confirmation from the client. And depending upon the distance it usually take 25 to 40 days in shipping.

3.Q. What is the process of packaging a container?

As explained above, we have various kinds of options to choose from, depending upon the furniture, type of container load and last and the most important one, requirement of the customer.

4.Q. Is there any discount scheme available?

Depending on the number of containers ordered, or the size of the order we are flexible enough to provide our clients with the best possible rates in the market.

5.Q. Any further Queries?

We welcome your queries. Please contact us via Email for any kind of information or Queries.