wall mirror

- Jun 18, 2019-


Silver mirror, silver plated mirror glass, silver plated glass mirror, waterproof mirror glass;

Solar mirror, tower/slot/pound (disc) concentrating solar mirror, heliostat;

Color mirrors, color mirrors, such as bronze mirrors, dark brown mirrors, blue mirrors, dark gray mirrors, black mirrors, golden mirrors, green mirrors; aluminum mirrors, double-coated high-quality magnetron sputtering aluminum mirrors, aluminized glass Mirror, aluminized mirror,

Vacuum mirror, no copper mirror, no bronze silver mirror, no copper lead-free mirror,

Large mirror panel with lead content below 80PPM.

Back paint glass, lacquered glass, stained glass and varnished glass.

Finished mirror: In addition to the raw mirror panel, we can also complete the deep processing of the mirror.

Including cutting mirror (cutting size), side mirror, straight or deformed side mirror, beveled mirror,

Beveled mirror,

Straight bevel mirror, straight edge mirror, round side mirror, safety explosion-proof mirror, anti-fog mirror,

Makeup mirrors, craft mirrors, bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors, mosaic mirrors, mirror tiles, etc.


1) high reflectivity;

2) The image is clear and accurate without distortion;

3) moisture and acid resistance;

4) Durable for more than 20 years of indoor use.

Application: - Indoor use only.

1) decoration and furniture;

2) bathroom mirror;

3) Car rearview mirror;

4) safety mirrors, profile mirrors and material mirrors for bevel mirrors;

5) Fitness / Fitness Mirror;

6) Other places where you need a silver mirror.