The Performance Style Of Home Decoration

- Dec 25, 2018-

In view of the current home decoration concept and trend of thought, according to the occupant's character, age, occupation, cultural level, interest, hobbies and other aspects of the requirements, manifested as a variety of cultural connotations and style characteristics of home decoration form, its style is mainly the following: Chinese traditional style: Chinese tradition advocates solemn and elegant. Absorbing the traditional Chinese wood frame to build indoor algal well canopy, screen, partition and other decorations. More use of symmetrical space composition, the pen color solemn and concise, the space atmosphere quiet elegant and simple. Local style: Mainly manifested in respect for folk traditional habits, customs, maintain folk characteristics, pay attention to the use of local building materials or the use of local legends and other decorative themes. In the indoor environment to strive to show a leisurely, comfortable idyllic life interest, to create a natural, rustic, elegant space atmosphere. Natural style: advocating return to the original, return to nature, abandon the products of artificial materials, wood, masonry, grass rattan, cotton and other natural materials used in interior design. These practices are particularly suitable in villa buildings and are popular among people. Retro style: People in the modern life requirements are constantly satisfied, but also sprouted a yearning for tradition, Miss ancient jewelry, cherish the artistic value of traditional furniture furnishings, coupled with the same style of wallpaper, curtain mantle, carpet, furniture hood and other decorative fabrics, to add a dignified, elegant aristocratic atmosphere to the room. Western Classical Style: This is a pursuit of gorgeous, elegant classical style.