The Mirror In The Home Puts Geomantic Taboo What To Have?

- Jul 15, 2019-

Just look at the feng shui taboos in your mirrors.

1, the mirror does not look at the bed good health does not matter, if the spirit is not good will be scared.

2, not on the door because if the mirror to the door will block the god of wealth, let the god of wealth into the bedroom is the same.

3, there is a wealth in the sitting room, put a mirror is to block the god of wealth.

4, can not be inclined mirror mirror can not be inclined, must be flat with the wall to go.

5, can not be embedded in the ceiling mirror in the ceiling, usually under the people will consume gas, consumption of money, consumption of your health, so the mirror more hotels to go less.

6, not too big or too much will make people feel cold.