The Historical Origin Of The Mirror

- Dec 25, 2018-

In the early Bronze Age of Chinese Slavery Society, people in the long-term bronze metallurgical casting practice, understand the relationship between alloy composition, properties and use, and can manually control the ratio of copper, tin, lead.

"Gold" is recorded in the ancient book "Book Examinations" There are six Qi ", that is, six kinds of alloy ratio. One of the last together: "Gold, tin half, said the flint of the Qi." "is the ratio of making bronze mirrors."

"Jian" is the mirror, high tin, because the bronze mirror grinding out the bright surface and silver ze, but also need to have casting performance to ensure that the pattern is meticulous. As early as more than 2000 years ago, the Chinese people produced a beautiful "light transmittance mirror", which can reflect the beautiful pattern behind the bronze mirror, so it aroused great interest in the world. In order to solve the mystery of "transmittance Mirror", scholars at home and abroad spent hundreds of years to study and explore, until modern times, this is due to the mirror in the manufacturing process, there is a slight unequal curvature relative to the back pattern, through reflection reflected on the back of the pattern. This fully illustrates the ancient Chinese superb mirror technology and deep understanding of the characteristics of optical reflection.