Silver Frameless Glass Vanity Mirror Bathroom Mirror

- Apr 14, 2020-

Item No:MXMM2644

Type:Bathroom Mirror


Inner Mirror size:96*36*1.8cm


Material: 4mm silver mirror with 5mm bevel edge black MDF back. 4 metal hangers.

Composition: 60% Mirror, 40% MDF

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Product Description

This sleek and modern frameless wall mirror. The perfect mirror for your hallway, living room or bathroom. This frameless mirror has a unique shape with a U-groove accent and polished edges.

Mirror function:

This mirror is made of sterling silver instead of aluminum. The silver mirror has a longer life and a warmer reflection.

Made of thick, sturdy 3/16 float glass

Invisible mounting hardware is designed to ensure that the mirror is safe and to prevent sight from entering the hardware

No distortion. We use high-quality glass, so you won't get the playful effects common to poor-quality mirrors

It contains installation hardware and can hang. Vertical and horizontal suspension.

Very suitable for bathroom mirror, makeup mirror, living room mirror or bedroom mirror

Maintenance instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Use only water or window cleaner.

Company information

Anhui Maoxin Furniture Crafts was established in 2004 with a background of craftsmanship and international methods of "Made in China" design story. In 2004, a small handicraft workshop was opened to produce decorative items. During these years, the company is committed By using modern technology to continuously improve the process, while maintaining traditional innovative processes, to produce the highest quality and most innovative products.