Selection Of Home Fitting Mirrors

- Jul 01, 2019-

◆Type of mirror

1, according to the material, the mirror can be divided into aluminum mirror and silver mirror.

The silver mirror is bright and has a high density of mercury. It is easy to fit tightly with the glass. It is not easy to get into the water and damp. It can be used for a long time. Therefore, the waterproof mirrors on the market are mostly silver mirrors.

Because the aluminum layer is easy to oxidize, the mirror surface is dark, and the aluminum layer is not tightly bonded to the glass. If the edge seam is not tight, the moisture will enter from the gap. After the water enters, the aluminum layer will peel off, and the mirror surface is easily deformed. The price is also lower than the silver mirror.

2, the mirror used in home decoration can be divided into bathroom mirror, makeup mirror, dressing mirror, decorative mirror according to the scope of use. Among them, the makeup mirror is mainly made up of a glass magnifying glass, and the other is mainly a flat glass mirror.

◆Mirror purchase

1. Look at the appearance. You should look at the mirror from the front, side, and back at multiple angles. In addition to paying attention to the image directly in the mirror, you can move the line of sight slightly. If the straight object is not bent, this is a good mirror.

2, look at the process. In the case of the bathroom mirror, in order to protect the silver ions from reacting with the moisture in the air, the black side of the lens is blackened, a copper film is coated on the silver film, and a primer is applied on the copper film. The topcoat enhances protection and extends the life of the mirror.

3, look at the style. According to the style of home and bathroom, choose the matching style of the mirror, which is consistent with the overall style. For example, an oval mirror is more suitable for European style, and a square mirror is more suitable for Chinese style and so on.

4, look at the waterproof and rust-proof function. Ordinary mirrors will become dull if placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, and even rust and fall off, so it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and rust-proof function of the mirror.