Quality is our culture

- Jun 01, 2019-

Quality is our culture

We have professional team work and production line and can make nice quality in due time.

Strict quality control system is carried out before shipment.

The finish

All finish are hand-made, the works are delicate and beautiful. We can do different finish

in order to meet the customer's request. Antique finish, you can see 4~5 different colors

from one finish.

The packing 

Our packing is strong and reasonable, we can adjust the packing asper customer request,

.g normal packing, mail order packing, color box, display box... 


Q1: Can we change the size and color?

A: Yes, the size and color can be changed as per your request.

 Q2: What's the delivery time? What's the sample lead time?

A: Off season is 45-50 days, and busy season is 50-55 days.

     The sample's lead time is 15 days.

 Q3: Can I mix different design into one container?

A: Yes, you can mix different designs, sizes and colours for one order.

 Q4: Can you copy our own design?

A: Yes, we can develop your own design.