Protection Structure And Safety Principle Of Home Decoration

- Dec 25, 2018-

In the design, we must first consider the safety of the family living environment.

First, the protection structure, on the load-bearing wall, the half of the wall of the balcony, the beam or column of the room, regardless of its location, absolutely prohibited demolition, alteration.

Second, in the decoration design of the selected materials must not exceed the load capacity of housing.

Third, pay attention to the protection of waterproof layer, in the decoration design process, if the construction endangers or destroys the waterproof layer, it is necessary to carry out the waterproof layer repair or redo. Four, pay attention to safety and fire prevention, design and decoration used in wood, fabrics and other flammable materials should be flame-retardant treatment, according to the placement of electrical appliances, meter capacity, wire thickness and so on should be re-designed to avoid accidents when used.