Preparation For Home Decoration

- Dec 25, 2018-

1. Preparation tools, work is good, take advantage, a pen and a book: When visiting the building materials market remember to record prices for future online shopping or go out to buy when comparing prices, a calculator, holding the calculator is not afraid of profiteers in the total price set traps.

A tape measure, before buying things to measure the size of the home, buy when also in the building materials market volume of good size, a pair of comfortable flat shoes: decoration To do a good job of preparation for a protracted war. 

2. Collect information, determine the decoration style, learn decoration knowledge, you can go to decorate the picture full of pictures, determine their own decoration style, you can go to find the same style of netizens decoration diary to learn the experience of netizens to decorate have been asked for advice, around the friends, colleagues, relatives, students have not been renovated,

Be sure not to miss the opportunity to consult, here you can get the most direct and authentic decoration experience knowledge in addition, you can see more home books and periodicals magazine, more to the scene to see the sample room, generally speaking, there is still a gap between the picture and the actual. 

3. Do a good budget, decoration is a bottomless hole, before the decoration must do a good job in the budget decoration process must be strictly in accordance with the budget implementation.