Mirror packaging requirements

- Jul 19, 2019-

Mirrored Furniture

Although mirrored furniture was very popular in the 90's, it has resurged in today's day and age. Mirrored furniture pieces like mirrored beds, mirrored bedroom sets, coffee tables, and nightstands can add a stylish accent to any room. We give you a large selection of mirrored furniture from dressers to room dividers, you can find anything mirrored .A mirrored desk in the entry way of your home can create the added light you need to feel when entering your home. Sometimes the one thing a room can be missing is a bit of shine, glimmer, and glam from a mirrored furniture piece.


Mirror packaging requirements

Because the mirror is very fragile, the inside and outside of the mirror is especially important in order to avoid damage during transportation. What is the inner packaging? When the inside of the carton is packaged, the mirror enters the carton, and the outer package is the outer casing of the mirror carton.

After the mirror is completed, a protective film can be attached, and the square mirror can be placed around the safety horn to protect the safety of the four-sided horn. It then puts the bottom of the carton into the foam, then places the mirror in the carton and then places the foam around the mirror. Or protect the mirror with pearl cotton. In addition to these inner packagings, in order to better protect the safety of the mirror. The two most common types of packaging are the packaging tape and carton outside the wooden frame.

After the inner and outer packaging, it is a transportation problem. Transportation is also optional. Due to the fragility of the problem, the general mirror will be sent to the logistics instead of the express. Close direct use of trucks or small vehicles for transportation, large trucks will be transported directly using large trucks.

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