How To Place Mirrored Furniture

- Aug 29, 2020-

The mirrors in the room are carefully placed

   In the home furnishing du Feng Shui, although it is not the main body of the home, the mirror placement is also very particular.

   The exquisiteness of mirrors in Feng Shui:

   There are many avoidances in Feng Shui, so it is not suitable to place them casually. The placement of the mirror must first remember a major premise, that is, the mirror is not suitable for itself, and at the same time it is not suitable for the auspicious position! Why is there such a taboo? To know the reasons, you must first understand the role of mirrors in Feng Shui. 

  There are many types of mirrors used in Feng Shui, such as concave mirrors, convex mirrors, gossip mirrors, white tiger mirrors, etc. These mirrors are mainly used to "illuminate evil". The so-called "shaking the evil" refers to hanging this kind of mirror so that it can reflect the evil spirits coming from upright, so as not to be damaged by the evil spirits.

  Since the feng shui mirror is mainly used to illuminate the evil, it is naturally not suitable to illuminate oneself. If the mirror illuminates the head of the bed, it is definitely not suitable. Because it will cause restless sleep and even get sick. In Feng Shui, it is a taboo for mirrors to align the head of the bed, and it is even more inappropriate to align the stove! So before installing the mirror, please check whether the stove is aligned to avoid disturbing people.

   In addition, the mirror is not suitable for the front door or the door. The mirror is facing the door, the main culprit, so if you can avoid it, you can avoid it. Nowadays, many people like to use mirrors to beautify their homes. There are many types of these types of mirrors, from thick to thin, with pure colors and with patterns. There is no big difference in Feng Shui, but there is one thing. It should be noted that no matter what kind of mirror is used for decoration, it is best not to have hanging feet, which is not suitable if the bottom edge of the mirror is not on the ground. If a low cabinet is used to support the lens, it is ideal.

   The mirror in the room is not well placed, how can I change it?

  Many people often confuse glass with mirrors, and they are not clear; in fact, there is a big difference between the two. The glass is transparent and will not reflect, so you can see the scenery outside the house through the glass; while the mirror is opaque and has the effect of reflecting, so you can see yourself in the mirror. Since glass and mirrors have their own characteristics, they have different taboos in Feng Shui and interior decoration.