Free Standing Floor Mirror

- Nov 15, 2019-


Company information

about us

Since 2004, we have been a frame factory with 15 years of export experience.

Maybe we are not the cheapest price in China, maybe we are not the biggest in China, but

We are the right supplier for your business!

So far, we have 15,000 square meters and have 138 employees. Including 5 people

10 executives in charge of the sales and export department. 3 personal development

In terms of design, there are 3 QC workers.

Our strengths are design and decoration. We have strong development capabilities and we are constantly developing

Many new designs and different finishes to meet customer requirements.

Quality is our culture

We have a professional teamwork and production line that can achieve good quality at the right time.

Implement a strict quality control system before leaving the factory.


All finishes are handmade and the work is exquisite. We can do different finishes

In order to meet the requirements of customers. Antique finish, you can see 4 to 5 different colors

Completed from one.


Q1: Can we change the size and color?

A: Yes, the size and color can be changed according to your requirements.

Q2: What is the delivery time? What is the sample delivery time?

A: The off season is 45-50 days, while the busy season is 50-55 days.

The lead time for the samples is 15 days.

Question 3: Can I mix different designs into one container?

A: Yes, you can mix different designs, sizes and colors for one order.

Question 4: Can you copy our own designs?

A: Yes, we can develop your own design.