details of the packaging

- Oct 07, 2019-


Can you find the following questions and answers? Most of them will appear when communicating with our dear customers. These should help you.

Q1. What is a trade term?

A1: Offshore factory, Qingdao FOB price, Lianyungang FOB price

Q2. What is the warranty period (term)?

A2: Three-year quality warranty.

Q3. There are several colors to choose from?

A3: More than 30 colors. We will provide you with a color card, please choose the color you like.

Q4. How long is our production lead time?

A4: During the 15-20 days after receiving the deposit in the normal season, our peak time (August, September, October) is 25-30 days.

Q5. What is the payment term?

Q5: Immediate wire transfer or letter of credit. A 30% deposit is used to start production and the balance after the goods are ready.

Q6. What is the details of the packaging?

A6: Use a cardboard box to knock the package and protect it with pear cotton. The exterior of the glass unit is fitted with a wooden frame to protect the item.

Q7. What support is needed to assemble this piece of furniture?

A7: In every office furniture product package, we have placed accurate instructions for use, so you can easily assemble office furniture.

Q8. What kind of documents will we provide you?

A8: bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, original certificate. You or your agent can use these documents to submit a customs declaration to you.

Q9. How to replace the product if it is damaged during transportation?

A: During the transportation process, our transportation scope will do our utmost to ensure the safety of the goods. If they cause damage to the product, they are responsible. If it is not a serious problem, we will provide you with compensation. The part is damaged.

Q10. If there are any missing parts in our shipment, how long do you need to ship them?

A10: If there are some small missing parts, we will give you DHL as soon as possible within one week.