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- Apr 13, 2020-

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Item No:MXBM1718

Type:Mirror Wall Art


Color: Silver

Material:4mm silver mirror with 5mm bevel edge, black MDF back. 2 metal

Composition:40% mirror+60% MDF+clear Crytal+Black ink

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Product Description 

Bringing to mind images of the old west, this image of stampeding horses in a desert landscape takes the viewer back to a time when horses were a part of everyday life. Long used for transportation and ranch work, horses were once as important as vehicles are today. There are still small herds of free-roaming North American Mustangs descended from horses brought over by Europeans over 400 years ago. This incredible piece of art will complete the look of any Western motif.

1.Order preparation

Step 1: The client asks his or her specific request.

Step 2: Try to get concepts and patterns from your customers using simple drafts or reference images.

Step 3: Design CAD drawings based on communication and understanding.

Step 4: After making the design details, make the details and 3D drawings.

Step 5: Confirm the design, materials and surface treatment after the quotation.

Step 6: Make a sample for confirmation.

Step 7: Make

2.Packing method

Inner packaging for outer packaging, protective film for cardboard or cardboard. If you need wooden packaging, an extra charge will apply.

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