Wholesale Two Drawer Silver Mirror Buffet Cabinet Mirror Furniture

- Feb 25, 2020-

Wholesale Two Drawer Silver Mirror Buffet Cabinet Mirror Furniture

Item No:MXFU812

Type:Buffet Cabinet Mirror Furniture


Color: Silver

Material: 4mm silver mirror with 5mm bevel edge,back and inside of furniture is black color

Composition: 40% Mirror, 50% MDF, 10% wood

For WHOLESALE, please contact us:sales03@ywmx.com.

For RETAIL,please search KOHROS in AMAZON.

Mirrored Furniture

Although mirrored furniture was very popular in the 90's, it has resurged in today's day and age. Mirrored furniture pieces like mirrored beds, mirrored bedroom sets, coffee tables, and nightstands can add a stylish accent to any room. We give you a large selection of mirrored furniture from dressers to room dividers, you can find anything mirrored .A mirrored desk in the entry way of your home can create the added light you need to feel when entering your home. Sometimes the one thing a room can be missing is a bit of shine, glimmer, and glam from a mirrored furniture piece. 

The work of this drawer cabinet is elegant, the design is clean, the detail is clear, the surface USES beautiful lens glass and bright crystal combination to become.Even in the dimmest rooms it gives a sense of space and light.To complete this look, we also provided two large storage bins.This versatile range will sit comfortably in modern or traditional Settings, making this mirrored furniture welcoming to any family addition.