Wholesale Special-shaped Glass Metal Box Made In China

- May 06, 2020-

Wholesale Special-shaped Glass Metal Box Made In China

Item No:MXBB005

Type:Glass Metal Box


Color: Silver

Material: 4mm silver mirror with 5mm bevel edge, 4 foam pads.

Composition: 60% Mirror, 40% Metal

For WHOLESALE, please contact us:sales03@ywmx.com.

For RETAIL,please search KOHROS in AMAZON.

Multi Options

1. High temperature heating up, Waterproof matt black finished metal frame process if for bathroom use.

2. Wooden frame is available

3. Aluminum and stainless steel material frame is acceptable.

4. High Grade Aluminum Alloy frame and cover (will never rust)

5. Stainless Steel Frame and cover (will never rust)

6. Silver Mirror thickness: 3/4/5/6/8/10mm is available

7. Handing or wall mounted installation are available.




1.Q: I am a designer, does MAOXIN provide custom service?

A: Yes, we are encourage your ideas, we provide OEM/ODM service.

2.Q: What is the distributor policy of MAOXIN?

A: MAOXIN provide paper promotion magazine/online promotion, showroom design, decorative support and sample, others support as discuss.

3.Q: What is MAOXIN quality guarantee, if there is quality problem, what will be the solution way of MAOXIN?

A: Under requirement signed, MAOXIN has own's QC and accept third-part check. full order reject if problem rate exceed. After shipment solution way - 1.reject products quantity -> produce new and ship to you. 2.reject products value refund. 3.Local distributor / warehouse exchange acceptment product provide service.