The Daily knowledge of mirrors

- Dec 25, 2018-

Mirror because it is vitreous, hit and collide is easy to break, more extravagant is once there is a small cracking and a little scraping can no longer be used, so said the mirror although cheap but if the use and protection of improper words also let people flower heartache! So what do you need to be aware of when the mirror is apart from falling and touching?

There are the following points: 

1.The learning suggests that the mirror or the plane is placed, but don't put it in some rough place. 

2.Take the Mirror's attention, hand as far as possible do not touch the mirror, avoid oxidation

3.Regular cleaning is also one of the most important maintenance methods, but not many people will realize

4.Try not to spray fog into the mirror. A lot of people have this habit and need to get rid of it 

5. Small mirrors try to place out of reach of the baby