Square Picture Frame

- Mar 28, 2020-

Item No:MXBM938

Type:Picture Frame


Color: Silver

Material:4mm silver mirror with 5mm bevel edge, black  flannelette back. 4  metal hangers.

Composition:40% mirror+60% MDF

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Quality Control Advantage

Glass mirrors have a wide range of applications, and it is difficult to accurately classify them into which field, but in any field, its safety and quality issues are always the focus of customers. To ensure and improve product quality, we always control the advantages of quality around these four points.

Innovative concept

Continuous innovation is the source and driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. To create the most competitive medium and heavy plate enterprises, we must create a strong atmosphere of innovation, always support employee innovation, innovative technology, innovation management, innovation system and innovation environment; Failures in work must be understood, tolerated, and encouraged, so that innovation becomes a quality, a spirit, and a style.