Maoxin Glass Wall Mirror and Bath Mirror

- Nov 18, 2019-

who are we.

MAOXIN is a highly specialized supplier of glass and mirrors from China.

With nearly ten years of export experience, MAOXIN has become China's leading glass and mirror supplier with strong technical support, rich experience, huge productivity and strict quality control. MAOXIN has exported thousands of glass and mirrors to buildings, homes, decorations and home décor.

What we offer.

MAOXIN has a wide range of mirror and glass products to offer one-stop shopping at the most competitive prices.

Our featured products include a variety of architectural glass, interior glass and mirrors, furniture glass and mirrors, kitchen glass, household appliances glass and related hardware and profile support.

How do we do it.

MAOXIN always pays attention to quality. Strict quality control does not allow the delivery of any defective product. Standard sizes, custom sizes, trimmed or edging, round or square, clean or LOGO marking, all requirements are available in MAOXIN.

MAOXIN's sales team always provides quality service to our customers. Every detail will be fully watched by MAOXIN. Every individual requirement will receive Noval's best efforts. Any confusion and difficulty will result in a corresponding solution from MAOXIN.

With all its products and services, MAOXIN is committed to making all your business and purchases smoother and more convenient. The ultimate goal of MAOXIN is to provide the most suitable and most affordable solution for all of our customers.