How to make mirrors

- Dec 25, 2018-

Cleaning Glass According to the specifications of the glass, first rinse the pros and cons with tap water, and then the iron red powder with water coated on the side to be plated, to dry after wiping the iron red powder, washing clean. Then use a trace amount of tin chloride solution to scrub the glass to be plated on the surface. Rinse the residual chlorinated tin with water after washing.

Finally, rinse the glass with clean water (preferably distilled).

Silver plating Place the washed glass flat on a horizontal wooden frame or wooden strip, take a copy of the silver liquid and a copy of the reduction liquid and stir it upside down. The liquid is in a degree that does not flow away. About 2 liters per square metre. Until it gradually reacts on the glass to the silver mirror, the excess liquid will be poured out, rinse with water, pour 10 per thousand gelatin to dry. After drying, apply a layer of ferrored primer or other antirust paint liquid to become a mirror.