Home Furniture Coffee Table Modern Tea Table Mirror Centre Table

- Dec 31, 2019-

Trade Information:

1. Product name: EXW.FOB.CIF.

2.Sample: There are samples for you to check the quality.

3. All dining tables are guaranteed for 12 months, excluding wear and tear

2.OEM & ODM is available.

Packaging details:

Carton packing / wooden box

1. Pack the legs in bubble bags to avoid scratching.

2. Pack the whole product with pearl cotton and bubble bag to prevent impact


What is your MOQ?

A: If the customer has an agent in China to arrange delivery for you, there is no minimum order quantity limit, which means that the customer can order 1 piece, and the price will be provided as the ex-factory price.

If you want to know the shipping cost, the shipping cost is determined by the destination port, weight, package size and total CBM of the cargo. Without knowing the total amount of your order and the destination sea port, it is difficult for us to make an accurate quote to you. After receiving your feedback, we will quote you a good shipping fee.

What is transportation:

We are able to send goods by air / courier / sea. The mode of transportation depends on the customer.