Decorative Wall Etched Antique Mirror Sheets

- Mar 02, 2020-


Any cut available as your request

color: titanium, champagne, pink, grey, golden yellow, violet etc.

back paint colour: dark grey, red or as per request



1. made of quality float glass

2. with decorative patterns and colours

3. many patterns and colour available



1. with acid etched patterns

2. two or three layers water proof paint

3. lead free and copper free



1. Green products, environmentally friendly

2.transform internal spaces with brillance and perspective

3. Optical quality and durability

4. easy processing and installation

5. increase the feeling of space and enhances interiors

6. processed product variations, suitable for cutting into regular and more

  unusual shapes, after cutting, it can be drilled and edged(bevel, arris etc),

   like trational mirrors, wall mirror, decorative mirror, safety mirror,furniture

   mirror. The front face of the mirror can be customized by means of

   sandblasting or engraving to creat patterns, logos and graphics etc.



1. environmentally friendly

2. in communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings

3. in shopping centers and retail stores

4. in bars, restaurants. clubs, threatres

5. in public buildings, offices, hotel, shopping centers, KTV etc. be used as framed or unframed mirrors

7. for paneling on walls,doors, pillars, such as TV background wall, sliding door

8. in furniture tables, cupboard doors, shelves etc.



Paper interlayer between two sheets, wood crates

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Certified by international quality systerms such as ISO9001, the trusted by

customers for their good quality.