choose different product styles

- Oct 09, 2019-

Illuminate your home with an accessory and open your decor to unlimited possibilities. Our mirrors have a stylish silhouette and a beautiful mirror that can be used as a vanity mirror or as a dazzling addition to the corridor walls. Its reflective surface not only illuminates your room, but also emphasizes your existing furniture in the best possible way. Made from high-quality craftsmanship, this mirror is made from extremely durable materials, making it the perfect complement to any room in your home.


Q: Can we choose different product styles?

A: We can design products according to customer requirements and pictures.

Q: We want to know the quality of the product and the relevant environmental certificate.

Can reach the position of our country.

A: If necessary, we can provide certificates such as FSC and BSCI.

Q: Is your product reliable and useful to us?

A: We will arrange sample production according to customer requirements.

Q: How about production and delivery?

A: Generally, we will arrange according to different time of year. Rainy season in March and March

In April, the delivery date will be extended; usually the delivery date is 45-50 days.

Q: Generally speaking, quite a lot of domestic purchasing agents do not pay the deposit.

Payment is required within 30-60 days after delivery of the goods. Have you accepted it?

A: Usually we don't accept this, but ask third parties to supervise the export of our products.