Black Marble Living Room Furniture with Golden Metal Coffee Table

- Feb 22, 2020-

Product Description

This table will bring charm and luxury to your living room or family room. The coffee table-shaped base with a synthetic crystal circular inlay instantly attracts the attention of the guests. The combination of solid support and stylish style makes this versatile coffee table a highlight in your home. Place this coffee table in your favorite seat group to add a flashing finishing touch and turn any regular room into a luxurious retreat.

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He has over 15 years of experience in various art mirrors. The spacious modern factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters and is highly efficient for workers. We not only sell products, but also provide win-win solutions to help our customers gain more market share in the target market. We pay more attention to details such as accessories, spare parts, manuals and even packaging. Customers from different channels will have different requirements and how we will do our best! 1%-2% of free spare parts can be replaced by customers during transportation.

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