Artificial Stone Coffee White Fast Food Table Hotel Furniture

- Jan 07, 2020-

Our advantage

1. Professional services: from inquiry-> sample production-> order-> inspection-> delivery We provide special services for each customer. Let customers control every step of the order.

2.Good quality: We have our own professional quality control team to ensure your quality is good before delivery. Some customers never have to worry about quality.

3. Competitive prices: We can't say that our prices are the lowest, but we can say that our prices are what customers need, with your support you will get more!

Company Information

We are one of the major suppliers of glassware and have nearly 10 years of experience in exporting glassware for home and kitchen use.

We can produce stickers, logos, matte, spray paint, discoloration, sublimation coating, engraving, many handicrafts according to customer needs.

Excellent quality, reasonable price and excellent service are your ideal choices. We believe that in the near future, we will be able to establish long-term cooperative relationships with you.


1. What is the product made of?

Answer: The products we can produce are lead-free glass.

2. Can I OEM?

Answer: Yes, we accept OEM. If your quantity is large enough, we will refund the money to the mold after receiving your order.

3. What is the damage rate during transportation?

A: Based on our 10 years of experience. We can control the blast rate below 0.5%. We treat our customers very carefully. The packaging is very safe.

4. How do I get samples?

A: We are happy to send samples to our customers for reference. Ready-made cup designs and designs can give you free items that can be collected by courier. That's why it is recommended that you use a DHL, FedEx account.

5. I want to know the quality of your product, should I consider worrying about it?

Answer: Please rest assured of our quality. All our products are based on the best.

6. How to contact you?

A: Enter your request in the space below, then click the Submit button. We will reply you within 24 hours!