Antique mirror application

- Sep 11, 2019-

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CE, ISO 9001, AS / NZS 2208: 1996, SGS. EN12150. GB11614-2009

Antique mirror introduction

The important antique mirror is a unique mirror with several different designs and antique mirrors made of transparent float glass and tinted float glass. There are some features that can determine the value of an antique mirror. First of all, having original glass is a big plus. In fact, these old mirrors still have original glass. The next function is the condition of the frame. check carefully. You will be able to see if it has been patched. The original gold plating should still be there, but it is not necessarily perfect. There should be some nicks and scratches.

Antique mirror advantage

1. Environmental protection

2. Increase the feeling of ancient and elegant

3. Optical quality and durability

4. Easy to process and install

5. The product design is unique and the pattern is beautiful.

6. More than 20 different patterns.

Antique mirror application

1. In the public area of the office or apartment building: entrance hall, elevator or platform

2. In shopping centers and retail stores

3. In bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters

4. In public buildings, offices, hotels, shopping centers, KTV, etc.

5. Used as a frame or non-frame mirror

6. For walls, doors, pillars, such as TV background walls, sliding door panels

7. In furniture tables, cabinet doors, shelves, etc.

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