Wholesale Square Engraved Silve Mirrored Tissue Cover Mirror Factory

Wholesale Square Engraved Silve Mirrored Tissue Cover Mirror Factory

Item No:MX-1021

Type:Mirrored Tissue Cover


Color: Silver

Material:3mm silver mirror with 5mm bevel edge, black MDF back,4 foam pads.

Composition: 40% mirror+60% MDF

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Product Details

                                                                                      Mirrored Tissue Cover


 That is easy to use and that protects the tissue from external contamination is provided. The structure comprises a box body whose bottom surface is not closed, a base for sealing the bottom surface of the box body, a paper take-out opening on the top surface of the box body and a cover for covering the paper take-up opening, the cover A part of the edge of the cover is hinged to the top surface of the casing by an elastic hinge mechanism, and the elastic hinge mechanism comprises a fixed hinge joint connected with the casing, a movable hinge joint connected with the cover, a hinge shaft and a elasticity for rotating the hinge joint The component, the lower hinge and the upper hinge are connected by a hinge shaft and an elastic member, and the box body is provided with a positioning device for fastening the cover on the opposite side of the elastic hinge mechanism.

Product details

1.Product name:







4mm silver mirror with MDF back




Free existing sample for checking size and quality


1pc/polyfoam box, master carton



9.Sample lead time:

7-10 days

10.Production lead time:

35-40 days after receipt of approved invoice and deposit

11.FOB Port:

Lianyungang Port

12.Payment term:

30% deposit,70% T/T before shipment

13.Place of origin:

Anhui, China

Product Description 

Mirrored on all sides, this line is worn in all the right places for a look of effortless elegance. Sized to fit a standard tissue box, this accent lends the home a polished look.

Give your bathroom a touch of glamour with dazzling design of Glitz Chrome collection.With luxurious chrome finish each accent features beaded details.

This glossy piece features a clean-lined silhouette that fits directly over a standard cube tissue box. Its mirrored glass sides give it a polished and chic look, while beveled edges complete the lovely design. To clean, wipe it down with a soft damp cloth and avoid using harsh polishes or chemicals.

The Same Products Product 








packing photo-box

Produce Process


Quality Control Advantage

Glass mirrors have a wide range of applications, and it is difficult to accurately classify them into which field, but in any field, its safety and quality issues are always the focus of customers. To ensure and improve product quality, we always control the advantages of quality around these four points.

First, quality is first.The cost problem cannot be simply considered. For the use of new materials, the use of new processes depends on whether they meet the specified requirements.

Second, management is the foundation. It is not only necessary to control the materials used in the design, but also to control the various processes of production. A mature management process is indispensable, and it is important to improve the product awareness of all employees. For example, when the production department has multiple orders at the same time, it is necessary to coordinate the schedule of time and schedule to ensure that each step is completed to ensure quality problems.

Third, continuous improvement. Rome is not built in one day. A product needs to be improved to be innovative. It will surely encounter various problems on the road ahead, and it will be difficult. We often say that failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that we don't know why it failed. Therefore, in any part of product improvement, we should strictly record the data. The products that are well-received and carefully crafted are good products.

Fourth, customer satisfaction. Communicate with customers and interpret customer voices and ideas. Customer satisfaction, and we are constantly growing in this discipline. We strictly follow the principle that quality is not allowed to appear in front of customers.

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